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Effective Marketing In 2018

You have a great product (as we all think). But, you realize your competitor is getting more attention than you. According to everything you learned in MBA school, it goes against the rules of success-everything your competitor does turns to gold despite having a substandard product. The question remains, why are they so successful and you are not? Perhaps your competition has a better marketing team and strategy. But, let me offer a few tips to help you outshine:

  • Marketing Automation. There are various tools available for automating your marketing efforts on social media and even emails. Marketing Automation is platform used for planning, coordinating, and managing and measuring the effectiveness of campaigns. Yes, there are some mixed tales about marketing automation. However, the main obstacle one must overcome is the initial setup. The setup requires you to think ahead 1) what are my upcoming projects for the next month or two? 2) what messages should I try to deliver? 3) how can I vary the messages to keep people engaged, and finally 4) how often should these messages be expressed? In short, marketing automation requires you to have a marketing plan and to stick to it. And, it will solve much of the online administration issues in the long run.
  • Content Marketing. Many people dread the task of writing. What’s even more dreadful is coming up with a schedule, topic, and finally having the opportunity to sit down and write about it. But what do you plan to write about? This isn’t an opportunity to write about and/or pitch your company’s latest product. This is a chance to highlight some of your exclusive, valuable knowledge about your industry. You want relevant topics and you want to write consistently. You want to be seen as the authority in your industry. Above all, this is a moment to offer something special at no cost.
  • Data. Data. If we don’t collect and/or review data, we won’t be able to monitor the ROI, and we won’t get an insider’s view of our customer’s needs or their availability. Finally, if we don’t have data, it’s difficult to convince others to use your marketing services. Having the appropriate data allows us to create a more customer-centric campaign. Learn to research customer and product trends; offer unique surveys and create your own data that can be used for quarterly white papers and market comparison.
  • Mobile Marketing. Most people have their phones with them 24/7. Individuals sleep and even use the restrooms with their phones. As such, there’s no reason not to reach out to individuals with this method. Also, on average, text messaging has an average of at least 90% open rate. Simple mobile-friendly websites have taken over the multi-page, exhausting desktop version. With email and text campaigns, you can offer discounts and insights to customers who exclusively use the mobile device. Implementing a mobile marketing strategy allows you to collect a lot more data, which can in turn help you re-strategize your approach.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization. The object for true marketing is to find new leads. After all, once you’ve reached out to all of your current contacts, then what? Create platforms where you can mine for your own data. Once you’ve developed these platforms (landing pages that gather data, for instance), you will have greater opportunities of converting one to a potential sales lead. Before you move one into a sales lead bucket, develop a few steps for you to reach out to them individually.
  • you are already focusing on the above five items, and it has not been successful, I’d recommend going through each of these focal points and reshift a few steps. Marketing is about coming up with a plan, but also being able to adapt the plan based off of our findings.

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